Plantation Drive

It was theongoing of my summer vacation when I had no work to do on Monday morning and Ifelt that I needed to do something productive or something that could create animpact and is good for the society and for the people I live with and around.So, I decided to call up my friends and some adults I personally knew in orderto plan a plantation drive at the nearby plantation site. Recently, we hear alot of news regarding deforestation and how trees are getting obliterated dayafter day. This had encouraged me to perform this activity.

Therefore,I initiated this activity forming a group and planning out the steps to betaken to effectively carry out the plantation drive. We hired 2personnel from a nearby nursery who had more knowledge regarding the plants andwho could help us with the same.

I realizedhow much information I lacked regarding certain plants and their plantation. Ilearned that in order to be more effective in doing any service/activity Ineeded more information and proper structured planning before actuallyexecuting it.  

We plantedthe seedlings in such a location that it received the appropriate sunlight andfor watering the plants we went there every day for an entire month until therains started to pour and lessen our responsibility. This is the extent towhich we were determined to see those saplings grow and become bigger plants.

That is howwe worked collaboratively resulting in a better outcome.

Engagingwith afforestation also somewhere made us proud of ourselves as we not onlycontributed towards the society but also contributed towards making the life,for the future generations, easy. Now all,except one, pant has survived the growth stage and will be soon turning into abig huge tree.