E-waste reflection

For agesnow Humans have been using electronics for almost all their tasks be it workrelated or day to day activities. After benefitting from their maximum use, wethen simply discard it in bins, etc. thinking that there would be noconsequences of doing so. However, the decomposition of these devices resultsin the release of harmful toxic gases such as Sulphur di oxide and methane.

In order to create awareness, I, in relation with an organization, lead an E-wasterecycling drive which included collecting tons of e-waste from house to housethroughout Kharghar and taking them to a recycling factory to learn about thesame and create awareness amongst the local people.

This is howthe organization and I initiated this activity hoping to bring a change in themindset of the people.

During theinitial stage of the drive we had to strive and grind a lot as we had to godoor to door in such a hug town explaining to people what E-waste is about andhow they could help.  

Being in agroup, made our task way easier as now many people were able to cover much ofthe ground (in Kharghar) and each one of us contributed in the sphere we werethe most good at. This is how the efficiency of our working increased and webenefitted from working collaboratively.

Wethen went to the factory where the in-charge executive officer gave us a tourof the place and explained to us the working procedure of recycling the E-wasteinto something worth. This is how we learned certain new things abouttechnology’s waste and how to put it to use instead of putting it to scrap.